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Abraham Sarache

Kaleidoscope of Fears - Jewelcase CD

Kaleidoscope of Fears - Jewelcase CD

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Kaleidoscope of Fears(2018) - Based on the negative impact of generation Y in modern society.

Track List:
1.-Kaleidoscope of Fears
2.-Batesian Mimicry
3.-Oviedo Nights
4.-The Storm

Kaleidoscope of Fears
Based on the constant struggle against failure and its acceptance as an important part of success

Batesian Mimicry
Based on a lethargic society that saturates people with the idea of a strong social activism, but without any real interest in giving solutions and taking action.

Oviedo Nights
Based on low commitment, lack of confidence and a long list of demands on interpersonal relationships.

The Storm
Based on images of Omran Daqneesh(A Syrian boy from Aleppo) face covered in blood and dust that spread across the internet.

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